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Leadership and Board

Andrew Lederer, President and Chief Executive Officer
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Andrew is the founder of Build a School in India, and the co-founder of Build a School in Burma. He is a former hospital executive, health care consultant, and was a Peace Corps volunteer in India for two years. Andrew first traveled to Burma in 1996 with Bob Cornwell. Andrew and Bob had previously discussed their desire for philanthropy and volunteerism—“to help people have better opportunities in their lives,” in Andrew’s own words. 

Dan Kipp, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

Dan is a retired CPA, formerly with Arthur Andersen LLP, and regional CFO for AJG Insurance Brokers. When in his 20's, he founded and grew a manufacturing company to over $6 million in annual sales. His travels to Burma led to his involvement in Build a School in Burma, first as a donor, and then as a volunteer.   

Mark Kirchen, Secretary

Mark was a retirement benefit specialist with AT&T, and his wife Shirley was as a nurse administrator with the V.A. Mark and Shirley, retired to become active, worldwide volunteers, teaching English, as a second language, in places like Beijing, Bangkok, Costa Rica, and Cuba; spending three years in Anchorage with AmeriCorp and Vista in a GED program;. serving in a soup kitchen, food pantry, and ESL and GED programs at home. Time spent with family in the Philippines brought them to the APC School where they discovered a unique education program that won their primary concern, commitment and support.

Robert (Bob) Cornwell, Vice-President
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Bob, as President of CSG Advisors, a financial advisor and consultant to governments and non-profit organizations, structured more than $11 billion in financing for public/private development projects. He served as a Peace Corps Volunteer for two years in Jamaica, and subsequently worked as a wilderness ranger in Colorado and was the Director of Finance for the City of Denver. Bob first traveled to Burma in1996 and founded BSB in 2010 with Andrew. He is the Executive Director of Build a School in Burma and is also co-founder of Build a School in India.

Joyce McKinney, Board Member

Joyce has extensive professional experience, as a communications professional and administrator, working at UCSF. She has served as Marketing Director for Build a School in Burma, overseeing website, donor and public communications, publications, and social media for four years. Joyce is also active in a nonprofit organization that helps poor families and communities in rural Mexico.

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