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About BSB:

Build a School in Burma (BSB) works with several Myanmar partner organizations, typically non-governmental organizations or religious groups, with knowledge of communities in need of schools. With these organizations, we identify candidate communities, create a partnership with them, raise the needed funds, and build the school with the local partner organization and the community. The community, usually through a school committee, is also a partner in this effort, typically contributing land and unskilled labor. 

With our local partner organization, BSB visits the community to meet community leaders and survey the existing school or school site.  We evaluate the community, document the need for the school and assess the community’s ability to contribute to and sustain the school. This vetting process includes gathering information about the community, the need for the school, how the school project will be carried out, how it will be sustained once built, and information for a budget and a timetable. 

Partners are asked to prepare formal proposals including a construction budget. Once BSB approves a project proposal, an agreement is signed with the local partner and the school committee. After funding is secured and government approval received, construction commences. From start to school opening, the process typically takes a few months to a year or more.

With your dollars BSB can build a school ($25,000), a classroom ($10,000), or install a clean water supply or sanitary toilets ($1,000); BSB can furnish a classroom ($500), pay for windows and doors ($250), and buy teaching tools such as whiteboards ($100).

BSB Leadership:

Build a School in Burma is a volunteer, nonprofit organization that raises funds to build schools in underserved communities in Burma (Myanmar) to educate children and give them a chance for a better future. We seek to increase access to education for poor Myanmar children. A three-person Executive Committee makes final decisions with overall activities supported by a volunteer Advisory Board and a paid in-country director.

Why build schools in Burma?

Myanmar is among the poorest and least educated countries in Asia. Many children lack access to education because there are no schools in their villages, a situation that drastically limits their prospects and opportunities for a better life. Realizing that an entire school could generally be built for $25,000 or less, founder Bob Cornwell was moved to create Build A School In Burma to help the children of Burma one school at a time.

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