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About BSI:


Build a School in India (BSI) was established in 2013 to provide access to educational opportunities in India for underserved and economically disadvantaged students. We partner with nonprofit organizations that accept students from all communities regardless of socioeconomic status. In every situation BSI joins with donors in India to assist the success of students and schools.

At present BSI schools are educating approximately 2,500 students across 5 schools and communities. All of the BSI schools deliver a broad curriculum and high quality of education, which are both lacking in the largely dysfunctional, government run schools.

Beyond pre-k through high school education, BSI schools support community-based learning programs for job oriented skill development for young people and for home-based income generation activities for women. An affordable and reliable residential building for college students, which allows them to attend in a city away from home, and living quarters for volunteer teachers at a very remote school are also BSI projects.

BSI recently launched a groundbreaking initiative creating an endowment fund for a school to provide a solid, long-term financial foundation. Only income generated by the endowment will be used. This will fill-in gaps in operating expenses in perpetuity and make enrollment always possible for students regardless of a family’s economic situation.

Generous supporters make possible BSI’s ongoing efforts for disadvantaged students. Your donation will help build a strong foundation for the future of deserving students in India.


Your generosity makes all the difference in what BSI can accomplish.


Generous donors and volunteers pay all of the expenses for BSI’s overhead, fundraising, operating expenses and necessary travel. This means that 100% of every dollar and rupee you donate goes to schools in India. BSI’s leadership has often provided matching donations, which have increased the value of contributions. Check your mails, BSI’s website or contact BSI to learn of current matching commitments and opportunities.


Donations may be directed to a specific school, program category or type of student. Write in the memo section of your check or include a note. For online donations, include any preferences in the section titled “Directing your donation, how you know about BSI, comments"


 Checks should be made payable to:

           Build a School in India


Mail to:

Build a School in India

1275 Fairway Drive

Los Altos, CA 94024

Online donations can be completed on this page.


The BSI Directors:

Bob and Andrew, the founders of Build a School in India, are dedicated to supporting education for children - especially where it is not always easily accessible, such as underserved rural areas.

Andrew is a former industrial engineer, hospital administrator at El Camino Hospital in Mountain View, California, and health care consultant. Andrew lived in Pune, India for two years, while serving as a Peace Corps volunteer. He has maintained his 50+ year contact with India through friends in the U.S. and by visiting India every few years.

Build a School in India (BSI) is a founding member of Partners for Better Futures (PBF), which is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, nonprofit organization, federal tax ID # 82-2274818. 


Donations are tax-deductible, as well as eligible for distributions from tax-deferred accounts and donor advised fund accounts with all of the benefits allowed by law.

BSI, through working with PBF, is eligible to accept donations from corporate “matching funds” programs. Stocks, bonds, and other marketable securities can also be donated. 


Should you need further information or guidance or have questions, please contact BSI at: 

Thank You for Supporting Children's Education In India!

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