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Build a School in India

Partners for Better Futures (PBF) is a nonprofit organization helping improve the lives of poor people around the world, primarily focusing on children and education.  PBF does this by partnering with local organizations that are deeply involved in their own communities, and participating in carefully evaluated projects and programs.

There are three main programs within PBF: Build a School in Burma (BSB), Build a School in India (BSI), and APC School - Philippines (APC).  Prior to the PBF's
these programs had each operated for several years through "fiscal sponsors."  In 2018 these operations joined together in a shared purpose, to help produce better futures for under-served people around the world. 

A fourth program was started in 2021, the Myanmar Humanitarian Relief Fund, to provide direct assistance to some of the people most affected by the February 2021 military coup and the resulting disorder and economic disaster. 

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Build a School in Burma

Myanmar (also known as Burma) is among the poorest and least educated countries in Asia. Many children lack access to education because there are no schools in their villages, a situation that drastically limits their prospects and opportunities for a better life. Realizing that an entire school could generally be built for $25,000 or less, BSB's founders were moved to create an organization in 2010 to help children in Burma one school at a time.

BSB engages with partner organizations in Myanmar to identify villages that need schools. A vetting process then takes place including evaluating if the village has the organization, commitment and resources to be a partner in building and then sustaining the school. If the essential criteria are met a Grant Proposal is solicited, a grant agreement is made, and construction is planned.

Depending on circumstances, BSB's country director, a local NGO, or the local school development committee may 
oversee construction. Construction is usually completed within a few months. 

Myanmar people and organizations use the new school buildings to provide education for the students in their communities. 

All of BSB's efforts depend on the support of generous donors and volunteers.  With such support, BSB has successfully constructed school buildings with classrooms for more than 4,000 students in over 60 school.

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APC School   (Apu Palamguwan Cultural Education Center - Philippines)


APC is an accredited school that for more than twenty years has provided primary education, and has recently added secondary education, to children and youth in indigenous communities in the southern region of the Philippines. The school utilizes community resources and incorporates awareness of local issues into various learning experiences.

The mission of APC is to provide an integrated, holistic, and culture-based education for indigenous children and youth. This is achieved by promoting and deepening the children’s understanding of their unique culture, while providing knowledge and skills that enable them to confidently relate with mainstream Philippine society. This involves instruction in four languages, including English.

From the educational foundation provided by APC, the students and the local community are able to manage their own futures. This includes restoring and sustaining their forest, water resources, biodiversity, and their agricultural resources in all their diversity, which is advantageous for their economic well-being.


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Build a School in India

Build a School in India (BSI) was established in 2013 to provide access to educational opportunities in India for underserved and economically disadvantaged students. We partner with nonprofit organizations that accept students from all communities regardless of socioeconomic status. In every situation BSI joins with donors in India to assist the success of students and schools.

At present BSI schools are educating approximately 2,500 students across 5 schools and communities. All of the BSI schools deliver a broad curriculum and high quality of education, which are both lacking in the largely dysfunctional, government run schools.

Beyond pre-k through high school education, BSI schools support community-based learning programs for job oriented skill development for young people and for home-based income generation activities for women. An affordable and reliable residential building for college students, which allows them to attend in a city away from home, and living quarters for volunteer teachers at a very remote school are also BSI projects.

BSI recently launched a groundbreaking initiative creating an endowment fund for a school to provide a solid, long-term financial foundation. Only income generated by the endowment will be used. This will fill-in gaps in operating expenses in perpetuity and make enrollment always possible for students regardless of a family’s economic situation.

Generous supporters make possible BSI’s ongoing efforts for disadvantaged students. Your donation will help build a strong foundation for the future of deserving students in India.

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